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From Farm To Fork To Fabulous

At Margaux’s we’re always on the lookout for quality farm fresh ingredients from locally owned sources.  We know, the shorter the distance from farm to fork, the healthier and more flavorful the food will be.  Buying food locally can have great health benefits; nutrients are preserved and flavors are intensified.  It’s also excellent for the local economy and leaves that warm fuzzy feeling in your tummy just like when your Granny made that smoked brisket dripping in goodness or that large pot of chicken soup with shredded celery root and the most perfectly balanced carrot and chicken slivers.  We’ve been lucky enough to find farmers such as Melvin, from Melvin’s Gardens,  Roxanne Ballard and Randy Brue from Ballard Farms, who personally come in with their sun-stained smiles and calloused handshakes as they deliver the creme of their crops, fruits and vegetables that form the foundation of our plates.  We know our Granny’s would be fond of these ingredients and hard working Farmer’s.
At Margaux’s we strive to make sure that everything we serve is unique as our menu changes each and every day.  The beautiful part of being open for 21 years is the revolving door of goodies that arrive on a daily basis for Chef Pettifer & His Staff of Merrymen to choose from.  Fresh Brussel Sprouts, Chocolate Truffles, Baby Bok Choy, Fingerling Potatoes, Gold Drop Cherry Tomatoes, Rutabagas are just a sampling of what arrived today from farms just slightly North of us for tonight’s menu preparation.   The tantalizing aromas are filling our prep kitchens with incredible anticipation for what this evenings menu brings to all of us.  One of the greatest parts about Margaux’s is that todays menu is different than yesterday and will be even more unique tommorrow.
Pictured Top Right Corner: Randy Brue Commander in Chief of Ballard Farms
His Product is pictured at top left

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