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  • Culinary Training: A-B Tech Asheville
  • 1st Language: French
  • Hometown/Origin: Laval, Montreal
  • Knife Hand: Right
  • Instagram Handle: @biankatron
  • Favorite Protein To Prepare: Duck or Lamb
  • Chef Admire Most: Ed Cohen
  • Season Fancies Most: Winter yielding comfort food at its best
  • Why Margaux’s: Dynamic environment, Great Family Fit, Allowed To Be Creative
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: Negativity of any kind
  • Any Advantages To Being A Woman Chef: Male counterparts seem to be more caring, they lift heavy items 4 me
  • Go-To Beverage: Gorgeous Pinot Noir or Sour Beers
  • Last Supper: Honey Glazed Duckling with crispy bacon brussels sprouts, red wine risotto & chocolate ice cream
  • How Do You Stay Current: Lots of reading & internet surfing
  • When Are You Happiest: Traveling in Canada & bass fishing
  • Favorite Management Style: Speak Softly & Carry A Big Stick by showcasing gorgeous cuisine with each plate
  • Place You Eat Most When Off: The Golden Pig
  • Favorite Culinary Trends/Influences: Anything Asian & French
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