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Originally hailing from Akron, San Diego, Massachusetts, Georgia, Arizona, Missouri.  Bob has either lived or traveled to every state in our country excluding Alaska & Hawaii.  Raleigh has been his home for the last 8 years and we will never let him out of our grasp. Calm, cool as a cucumber under pressure, Bob can practically handle the entire dining room by himself.  Smooth as silk, he floats from one guest’s needs and can handle all disciplines in the restaurant.  He even has Fast Eddie’s seal of approval. A pure bred Cleveland Brown Junk Yard Dog, he prides himself with family traditions and relishing in Bernie Kosar day’s of glory.  As CEO of Adamson Lawn Care he works endless hours providing for his adorable daughter Leah.  In his downtime, he can be found drinking Good Manhattans, hiking,  art crafting, swimming, camping & messing around on the guitar by the campfire.  Appropriately nicknamed Bobalah by all that love him + his outdoor adventures are that of legend around the world.  We’re blessed to have this titan of man in our family.

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