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This Johnson & Wales Graduate hails from Spring Hope, NC.  Educated at an early age under the tutelage of Mom & Grandma, Edwin has dexterously moved between our garde manger/hot pantry/grill & sous chef departments.  Passion for cooking stems from his African roots,  learning how to prepare the perfect biscuit, proper omelet, delectable NC seafood & black-eyed peas that would make his Grandma whistle Starman.  Brantley’s mindset is to keep things simple and let the freshness of ingredients speak for themselves.  This team player improvises on the fly & accelerates conflict resolution seamlessly with all restaurant disciplines.  Ed was a runner-up on the Biggest Loser and lost 202 pounds.  In his spare time he enjoys reading Frank Herbert books,  performing Cobra Yoga, Celebrating Long Chats with Ghost of Leroy Indica, Enjoying Empire Strikes Back Re-Runs & training for his 3rd Olympic Triathlon in San Francisco.

Q&A with Brantley
Best Bite: Humble Pie’s Short Rib & Tuna Tostadas
Favorite Pickle Flavor: Kosher Dill
Last Supper: Grilled Ribeye with pomme frites, garlic butter, demi-glace & frozen Nestle crunch bar
Can’t Do Without: Fish Spatula
In Next Lifetime: Come back as a Chihuahua and be the most beautiful lap dog in history
Why Margaux’s: The Best Kind of Anarchy-The Good Kind
Super Power/Super Hero: Dr. Strange & having the ability to time travel
Favorite Ingredient: Cream
Beloved Author: Frank Herbert
Favorite Cook Book of all Thyme: 111 Madison Park
Describe Your Cuisine: Mostly Southern
Where Do You Find Inspiration: Nostalgic Charleston

Pictured with Daughter Blum

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