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Once in every restaurant’s lifetime, there comes a rare individual that is indispensable. If we could stamp out the perfect “Margaux’s Model Mannequin,” it would be from Ms. Tosch’s genetic makeup. Hailing originally from Rochester New York, Kim has been a valued jewel on our staff since 1995. A graduate of Kent State University, with a major in Fashion Design and a Minor in Bootknocker Philosophy. Once you first come across Kim, you can’t help but notice her piercing blue eyes and gorgeous blonde locks, yet it’s her internal sunshine that makes her who she is. Confident, intelligent, efficient, unflusterable, tender yet disciplined, sincere & always considerate. She is our Sly Go To Girl when that special patron arrives. Able to handle anything thrown her way, almost all new staff members have to run through Kim’s stringent training regimen including a 25-mile marathon chased with a 3-day bender filled with mind erasers ultimately leading to getting Tosch’d the old-fashioned way. Kim possesses that infectious exuberance that makes everyone in her company feel at ease and comfortable. With stoic grace she grasps the hardest of tasks with one demonstration. Stealth in every action effortlessly executed. Her hobbies include knitting staff booties, baking fresh rolls & sleeping. One of the saddest days Margaux’s has experienced was when Kim briefly left us to move to Ohio for a brief stint only to return a few months later to our most gracious hugs with open arms. Little does she know that these open arms will never let go of this precious gem again. Kim currently lives in Raleigh with her husband Peter and their most adorable black lab appropriately named Jager Mixwell.

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