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Valenti F. Zera

Captain Z-MANN

This individual is the unified discipline that makes this restaurant what it is. Without accolades, He is the force that anchors our hysteria. Dotting every I, crossing every T, Valenti is the management link that drives the success of Margaux’s. Hailing from upstate New York, Syracuse Orangemen Territroy, years of restaurant trade under his belt buckle, he brings law, order & inspiration to our domicile. He was on a high school state championship gymnastics team in the 80’s & has multiple trophies & awards in this respect. He also worked as a gymnastics teacher during his younger years with kids ranging from 2 to 16 years old. Val handles everything that needs direction from sales, marketing, computer diagnostics, training, VIP guest handling, reservations and most importantly, baby sitting all of us. He single handedly takes care of the plotting and strategizing for our biggest day of the year-Thanksgiving where we feed close to 1000 strong.  He is the binding force that keeps our restaurant glued together. With Superhero influences of Spider-Man & The Flash it’s no wonder this icon is who you want in your foxhole when you need to be pulled out of the WEEDS.  Most who encounter the Captain Valenti, will remember him for not only his quirky sense of humor, quick wit, fashionable attire but most importantly for his willingness to go out of his way for both his staff and the guests they take care of.

Pictured here with his best friend Maximus.

Stephanie Hazard


A 4 Year Veteran of our Team, Hazwa Or Momma, as our Staff has appropriately nicknamed Stephanie was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee.  This aspiring movie star is without a doubt the most frequently asked for service staff member we’ve had in years.  Each thyme is a magical experience filled with stories and pixie dust detailed service.  An uncanny approach to name recognition, anniversaries and birthday celebrations for all in her path, she provides a warmth in her service that only A Food Whisperer possesses.  Always super inquisitive and knowledgeable beyond compare, HazMat never lets her peers go on the floor without supreme cognizance of plate preparations and accompaniments.  A stickler for law and order & having things done the right way the first thyme being addressed.  When not working, you can find BioHaz, chilling at the beach, volunteering with the Turtle Rescue Team at NCSU Veterinary School, reading Kurt Vonnegut, listening to String Cheese Incident and watching Tarantino flicks, to name a few.  Don’t mess with Ms. Hazard as she is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has a mean slice to her tennis game.  This omnipotent Lioness keeps us all on our toes and is eventually planning on becoming a wild life videographer and exploring the Galapagos Islands after she receives her degrees from N.C. State in Zoology & Environmental Sciences.

Mandy Mraz

Nurse Cratchett

Mandy originally hails from San Diego and has been living in Raleigh since 1991 with her adorable fuzzy cats appropriately named Simon & Theodore. Mandy also attends Wake Tech for her RN Degree to be followed with her own path in anesthesiology.  Her mantra… “Take Life By The Horns, You Only Live Once, Love & Be Loved”.  When not peeled to the inside of her anatomy books, Mandy can usually be found working out, running marathons, surfing, drinking Italian wines, talking philosophy or chatting about fetish principles.

Mandy is an independent woman and serves as a leader on our waitstaff.  She glides through our dining room with the utmost of ease, smiles upon her face, exuding joy for life.   Knowledgeable beyond compare, unflusterable & with harmonious symmetry she delivers – every day for any situation thrown at her. Self motivated,  Mandy can handle other facets of our operation such as backwaiting, bartending & serving as our Nurse Cratchett Staff Mom who has actually administered First Aide Care on several customers.   She is a firm believer  in creating your own destiny and never compromising yourself. We are truly blessed to have this feisty lady on our side.

Kimberly Tosch

The Chosen One

Once in every restaurant’s lifetime there comes a rare individual that is indisposable. If we could stamp out the perfect “Margaux’s Model Mannequin” , it would be from Ms. Tosch’s genetic makeup. Hailing originally from Rochester New York, Kim has been a valued jewel on our staff since 1995. A graduate of Kent State University, with a major in Fashion Design and a Minor in Bootknocker Philosophy. Once you first come across Kim, you can’t help but notice her piercing blue eyes and gorgeous blonde locks, yet it’s her internal sunshine that makes her who she is. Confident, intelligent, efficient, unflusterable, tender yet disciplined, sincere & always considerate. She is our Sly Go To Girl when that special patron arrives. Able to handle anything thrown her way, almost all new staff members have to run through Kim’s stringent training regiment including a 25 mile marathon chased with a 3 day bender filled with mind erasers ultimately leading to getting Tosch’d the old fashioned way. Kim possesses that infectious exuberance that makes everyone in her company feel at ease and comfortable. With stoic grace she grasps the hardest of tasks with one demonstration. Stealth in every action effortlessly executed. Her hobbies include knitting staff booties, baking fresh rolls & sleeping. One of the saddest days Margaux’s has experienced was when Kim briefly left us to move to Ohio for a brief stint only to return a few months later to our most gracious hugs with open arms. Little does she know that these open arms will never let go of this precious gem again. Currently resides in Raleigh with her husband Peter and their most adorable black lab appropriately named Jager Mixwell.

Pictured with husband “Sweet Pete The Bootknocker”

William Marcus Medford Jr.

Chef Extradoinaire

Medford, aka “The Feather Rustler”, motivates and pushes people’s buttons the right way. Adept at running any of the 4 stations on the chefs’ line, always positive, he has endless energy that shines on all of our staff. His childhood memories of his Georgian Grandmother influences his style & stem deep to her roots of Southern Cooking, fried fish bbqs, squash casseroles, Brunswick Stews. As he firmly claims, “It is so important to know where your food is coming from”. Asked why he has stayed at Margaux’s for so long, “Just look at this place, there is not another place like it in the Triangle. The people that work here are my family.” Working beside Chef/Owner Pettifer, is undoubtedly being with one of the most honest, hardest working men he has ever worked with. “Andy is a phenomenal chef & teacher”. This Feather Rustler is truly a ruby amongst the swamp and is one of the reasons Margaux’s stands strong after 15 years. FYI, Medford ran a 5k in under 14:52. His wife Jill is a Master Sculptor and is responsible for creating & hand sculpting all of our dipping dishes and one of a kind shot glasses. We are all blessed for having him a part of our Margaux’s Family. We wouldn’t be who we are without him.

Pictured with his children Hannah & Simon.

Mafias Amigos Tres

Our Foundation

Miguel Cazuela, Sylvestre Montoya, Placido Lopez. These 3 men are the anchors to our Restaurant. Without them we would close our doors. Keeping our 99+ sanitary grade, prepping faster than the speed of the Superheroes, these 3 rock solid individuals are the happiest, nicest, most honorable group of men we could associate with. Together, they have over 27 years vested at Margaux’s, and without them we would be nothing. One would never know they are ever in the restaurant because they are always on time, work as efficiently as a General Motor Assembly Line, and are as quiet as a sleeping babies when accomplishing every task thrown their way. All reside in Raleigh with their respective families & children. Their intense discipline and always jovial dispositions put us all at ease just knowing that they are in the building.

Erick Beidler

Employee Resource Manipulator

Erick Beidler has been with our family for 21 years and counting. If ever privileged to have had him take care of you, it is only then that you would understand why he might be one of the best in the business. Married to wife Beth for 20 years, they share a home in Raleigh with their lovable pooch Cassey. Constantly digging to his roots from his own Restaurant business in Charlotte named Cafe Morel’s on East, he pushes us all to strive to be our very best each and every night and runs this restaurant as if it’s his own. He is our very own MacGyver, self motivated and as conscientious as they come. Our restaurant boasts some very elaborate wine racks and dividers that are all meticulously carved and hand made with love by Erick’s hands.  Norm Abram from This Old House would love the detail and care that goes into everything Erick creates.  We are all truly in awe after every shift with this honorable man who has the stamina of a thoroughbred. His daytime renovation business, appropriately name CFB Renovations keeps him busy during the day, and he keeps us alive at night as our bar manager. Appropriately nicknamed “Puddin”, this sensitive gentle man was raised the old fashioned way….Correctly, Honestly & All Things Southern!!!

Peter Ekenstierna

Sgt. Bootknocker

Originally hailing from Fingerlakes NY, Peter entered our world approximately 17 years ago as a military trained anti air craft artillery expert, and he’s been sharp shooting here ever since. Has lived in Raleigh for 16 years and is a graduate of NC State University. The eldest of 4 siblings, he currently runs The North Glen Halfway House for the restaurant community. One of the greatest things about Mr. Ekenstierna is his wife, Kimberly. She is about the only person who can keep this ferocious lion tamed & from wrecking havoc on any bunny rabbit in his path. In his spare time away from the restaurant, Bootknocker is a fitness guru and a roller genius. Frequently the most asked for representative on our floor, Pete also handles our wine program. This is an intense job handling 48 purveyors, price lists, deliveries & all the mishaps that occur due to human nature. Like a seasoned veteran, Pete handles everything in stride and with each list impresses even the choosiest oenophile. Without a doubt, he is one of the most intense members of our staff.  He has an incredible eye for detail and one of the greatest comedic deliveries this side of Toschville.   Always striving to be consistent and is not afraid to speak his mind. Peter is without a doubt the strongest person on staff, can bench press 415 pounds and is able to do a 2 1/2 back double twist on the spring board effortlessly. Immense heart, graceful & one of the most distinguished palates on this side of the Mason Dixon Line.

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Melanie Hansen

A 10 year veteran of our team, originally hailing from Yucca Valley & Hawthorne regions of California, Mel found herself moving to Raleigh following her heart.  Besides her love for humanity and doing good by others, she discovered our venue by chance through our Aquarium expert and hasn’t left us since.  Described by her peers as tranquil & super easy going, Melanie brings her “California Good Vibes” to our floor on a nightly basis.  This beautiful Mother of son Skylar describes herself as a happy person that never dwells on the negative.  Hobbies include: chasing the sun, hiking, hanging with Val cheering on the Pittsburgh Steelers, traveling & searching for the perfect glass of wine.  She enjoys long walks on the beach sipping Goose & Cranberries.  Her affinity for animals through the years rivals that of Steve Irwin, she has her own zoological sanctuary at home taking care of dogs, fish, chinchilla, ferret, turtle, quail, snakes, birds, cats & cockatoo.  This incredibly grounded Angel makes everything in her path seem smooth like a Summer’s day.  Incredible with her guest’s and an intense passion for providing the ultimate dining experience to everyone who enters our domain & her section.

*Pictured with Boyfriend Valenti Zera

Bianka Larouche

Sous Chef

  • Culinary Training: A-B Tech Asheville
  • 1st Language: French
  • Hometown/Origin: Laval, Montreal
  • Knife Hand: Right
  • Instagram Handle: @biankatron
  • Favorite Protein To Prepare: Duck or Lamb
  • Chef Admire Most: Ed Cohen
  • Season Fancies Most: Winter yielding comfort food at its best
  • Why Margaux’s: Dynamic environment, Great Family Fit, Allowed To Be Creative
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: Negativity of any kind
  • Any Advantages To Being A Woman Chef: Male counter parts seem to be more caring, they lift heavy items 4 me
  • Go To Beverage: Gorgeous Pinot Noir or Sour Beers
  • Last Supper: Honey Glazed Duckling with crispy bacon brussels sprouts, red wine risotto & chocolate ice cream
  • How Do You Stay Current: Lots of reading & internet surfing
  • When Are You Happiest: Traveling in Canada & bass fishing
  • Favorite Management Style: Speak Softly & Carry A Big Stick by showcasing gorgeous cuisine with each plate
  • Place You Eat Most When Off: The Golden Pig
  • Favorite Culinary Trends/Influences: Anything Asian & French

annmarieAnnMarie Valea

AnnMarie joined our staff 12 years prior learning our methods at our hostess stand.  After honing her superior skills of customer enhancement, she quickly moved onto our floor as a lead commissioned saleswoman.  All amidst whilst her degrees in Business Economics & Studio Art from Meredith College as a straight A student.  AnnMarie delivers on a daily basis an extremely positive vibe that transcends onto our regulars & co-workers.  Her infectious desire to be perfect on all details and disciplines shines ever so brightly and is why she is one of our very best.  Her major influences are provided through Chef’s Pettifer & Meford  tutelage in helping ground her familial atmosphere in and out of work.  Such a bright, smile filled comforting energy engulfs her beautiful essence.

Off premise, she is consumed with retracing her carbon footprint to a Non-Zero Factor.  Her life literally revolves around being as green as possible.  A fluent Spanish speaking Sculptor who volunteers yearly at the Penland School of Crafts which is very important to this budding Artist in the making.  In addition, Ms. Valea is quite involved with her mobile gardens that are home to catnip, haricot vert, dragon carrots, arugula, heirloom tomatoes, marigolds, amaranth, rainbow chard & pink cone flowers.  She can also be found camping & photographing The Shenandoah Valley and Blue Ridge Mountain Ranges.  When not painting her hand crafted vessels, this Mammoth Sunflower can be found snuggling with her Blood Hound Ollie, her cat Stella and two frogs Lily & Augie.


  • Location & Hours

    (919) 846-9846
    info AT margauxsrestaurant DOT com
    8111 Creedmoor Rd, Suite 111
    Raleigh, North Carolina
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    Lunch: Thursdays & Fridays Only 11:30am-1:30pm
    Dinner: Mon-Thurs 5:30-9pm, Fri-Sat 5:30-10pm
    Closed Sundays (Available for Private Events)

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