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Our 32nd Annual Lobster Fest is June 12th
1.5#, 3#, 5# Maine Lobsters. William Nesmith Performing Live.
Reservations Required. Secure your spot by calling us at (919) 846-9846.
Loved the Experience!

When we left, I went around saying good-bye but missed you. I want to thank you for yet another totally wonderful experience. The word excellence doesn’t do justice for what you and the teams do. I’ll be putting a post on line later in the weekend. I just want you to know we all loved it, and to say thank you for everything. You’re the best. You have a wonderful family, a wonderful staff, and you are so over the top. I love knowing you outside the place, I know what pride you take and the hard work you put into the business, it shows and the pride shows in everyone who works there.
Totally loved the experience!

Magnificently Prepared

I am writing to tell you how thoroughly our members of the Triangle Balliage of La Chaine des Rotisseurs loved the meal you served up last Sunday. And it was a refreshingly unique experience for all of us.

I know you sought to challenge us with offerings that are out of the ordinary in this region. You most definitely succeeded. Without exception, each dish was magnificently prepared. The sauces were beautifully matched to the principal ingredients. All in all, we could not have enjoyed a more interesting and satisfying dinner.

I also want to congratulate your servers. LJ, Peter & Mandy were remarkably efficient and professional. What a talented trio.

It was a pleasure working with all of you at Margaux’s. Hopefully, we can do it again someday.

Exemplary of an “Oscar” Performance

What a delightful evening. LJ is a “jewel” and delivered world class service. Both the food and the customer service was exemplary of an “Oscar” performance. Kudos to you and your staff. The banana bread pudding tasted like my Granny’s, brought back sweet memories.

Wonderful, Elegant, Delicious

I’m writing this thank you note on behalf of my friend Grace Furman, she celebrated her 102nd birthday in your lovely restaurant. She greatly appreciated your excellent service, friendly and helpful staff and most of all the wonderful, elegant, delicious food. Thank you so much for giving her a wonderful and memorable dinner. Our plan of just getting a country ham, turned out to be a rack of lamb. She said she will come back again to eat again in your restaurant because your place is magical, interesting, delightful and handicap accessible. Special thanks to Val Zera for making our dinner so wonderful and my friend so very happy.

An Unforgettable Evening

This was our fifth New Years Eve at Margaux’s and it was an unforgettable evening. The food was incredible; the shrimp and scallops were the most delicious we’ve ever tasted. The suggested cabernet complimented all four fantastic courses of an amazing meal. Kudos to Chef Andrew for a perfect menu. The DJ’s music was perfect, relaxing and low-key for dining and conversation early, then energetic and pumped for partying and dancing in the New Year. Thanks to Margaux’s and everyone on your staff for giving us a sublime evening of celebration. It couldn’t have been better anywhere else!

Delicious Choices that Never Disappoint

I have been remiss in writing , once again, to express my continued and consistent pleasure while dining in your restaurant. Whether it is lunch or dinner, the service is prompt, attentive but not overdone but tastefully balanced as is the cuisine and presentation. You are a “pay it forward” group of dedicated individuals who separately and collectively deliver the “best you can be” on any given day. Your dedication to “push through this temporary slump” in our economy is valued and I thank you SO very much for offering VERY affordable, healthy, creative and delicious choices that never disappoint.

A Delightful Dining Experience

Thank you for a delightful Thanksgiving dining experience. From the accommodating gentleman who returned my original phone call, to the very capable receptionist, to our hostess, to the efficient excellent wait staff, all of whom joined forces like a well oiled machine on our behalf, to insure that we enjoyed our visit, we wish to express our deep appreciation.

The Good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise, we will be back to your fine establishment again!

Thank you for caring; your obvious professionalism was greatly appreciated.

Faithful and Engaging

Thank you for your support of the Frankie Lemmon Foundation by continuing to be a part of the Triangle Wine Experience. These dinners truly allow us to engage the community and we are so grateful for your help in doing so. You’ve been faithful supporters of ours and we appreciate you very much. We’ve heard great reviews of your dinner and we hope you enjoyed your time with wine maker Jack Edwards.

Margaux’s Goes Above and Beyond

Compliments to the Chef!!! Everyone at Margaux’s went above and beyond to make the students from Sanderson Academy of Finance feel welcomed, embraced and adult like. You lived up to everything I told them Margaux’s was. Thank you so much.

The Perfect Atmosphere

While visiting from New Jersey, last weekend, our friend Jack took us to his favorite restaurant-Margaux’s!!! What a wonderful evening. Everything was perfect-the atmosphere, decor, service, drinks, food-everything!!! Excellence without pretense. Up until now, our favorite restaurant was the Palm in Atlantic City. Now we can’t wait to visit North Carolina again. Thank you.

Best Birthday Cake Ever

Kudos to Stephanie for the best birthday cake ever — her German Chocolate cake is to die for. You know you’re all my favorites in Raleigh! Thanks again for always making the occasion special even if it’s not!

Incredible Food, Drinks, and Service

Just wanted to thank your staff for a wonderful evening Tuesday night. My bar manager, maitre d’, head waiter, & loggia captain have all raved about the incredible food, drinks, and service. I’ve been in the business for quite a few years now and I don’t know if I could get a better meal anywhere in Raleigh! Kudos< to your front & back of house staff.

Margaux’s Blew My Mind!

I just wanted to thanks and congratulate you on a fantastic meal we had last night! Our waiter, Clay, was superbly professional, gave us great recommendations, and tastes of wines to help us decide. I’ve been coming to Margaux’s since opening week, and every time I return, I’m sorry I don’t come more often. It’s always the best evening out we could have. We dined leisurely, the cheese plate was perfect, then the Perverted Ninja rivaled sushi we’ve had in Hawaii. The soft shell crab was big and juicy, the fried oysters were tender, lightly breaded and perfectly fried, tasted like oysters instead of fry-oil. The brownie sandwich blew my mind. Your pastry Chef is very creative. You guys really know how to prepare artful food. Well Done!! Thank you for a great evening.

Felt at Home Again

I can not express to you what a good time we had at dinner the other night. The family included everyone from my new one-month-old granddaughter to my 88 year-old father who is suffering from dementia, and only has windows now when he knows who people are. He had one that night; and I know it was because he felt at home to once again revisit Margaux’s. I wish to express my deepest thanks to you, Andy, your staff and especially Val who took great care of us. Always a fan of your work. See you when I get back from San Francisco.

The Food was Out of this World!

The food was out of this world and the service was impeccable! The whole evening just couldn’t have been more perfect. Adele absolutely loved it and was the ‘queen’ of the night as she should’ve been. Thank you for handling everything. The room and the flowers were beautiful. Please tell your staff that we truly appreciated their attentiveness and their excellent level of customer service. We are truly Raving Fans!

My Favorite Upscale Spot in Town

Your restaurant is absolutely amazing…it is, honestly it’s my favorite upscale trendy spot in town. I’d say for a lot of reasons but mostly for your kind of weird yet energetic approach to style – I love that stuff. I want your artwork for my corporate headquarters & living room at home! Your presentation gets a 10. Service gets a 10, uniqueness 10. food 10…hell, even your bathrooms get a 10 for cleanliness.


Warm and Comfortable

Written from a 12 year olds perspective: A Homework Assignment

When I was born, my parents took me to Margaux’s for their first night out after having me. I have been a loyal patron ever since. The waitstaff have always been so warm and made me feel so comfortable. The food is great and its a menu that has so much variety to choose from. I like the PG Filet best and Mark’s Famous Pastas. To top everything off the kids sundae is the best way to end the meal. I have eaten at many restaurants in my young time on earth but none of them are as polished as Margaux’s. Thanks for making my birthday celebration the best I have ever had. You guys rock!!

5 Out of 5 Stars

I hate to embarrass you with gratuitous praise, but last nights meal was definitely 5 out of 5 stars!!
It was so nice to sit and enjoy a fantastic meal with absolutely flawless service!!

Kudos to Jess, the kitchen and the BackWaiter for the smooth service. As I mentioned last night, I think about Margaux’s all the time and it was great to have all of those positive memories reinforced. I’m very proud and lucky to have had the experience of working there.

Loved the Food, Atmosphere, and Service

Thank you so much for all of your help last night. I booked a party of 29 colleagues from Cisco, with (maybe) an hour and a half notice. Your team pulled it off perfectly and all of the guests in my party LOVED the food, atmosphere, and service. Well done!!

Wonderful Evening

Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful evening at Margaux’s on Wednesday evening, in celebration of my retirement. The menu selections for all 3 courses offered something for every taste and I heard nothing but rave reviews from everyone. Audra, our server, left us wanting for nothing. Her timing was impeccable throughout the evening, always there to refill a beverage, and presenting each course just at the appropriate time. It was so nice, too, having the separate Rotisserie room for this group — plenty roomy, but cozy enough to allow for great conversation. The personalized menu was a very special touch, too. Please convey my compliments to the chef, to Audra, and to everyone else who contributed to this unforgettable dining experience. I appreciate your guidance in making the decisions for this event and your professionalism in coordinating all the details. There could have been no more enjoyable way to celebrate this special occasion with my colleagues.

Staff That’s Like Family

I’ve been coming to Margaux’s for 16 years. I keep coming back because whenever I walk through those doors, there is always someone there that is happy to see me. The food is amazing and Chef Pettifer has always catered to my food needs no matter what crazy diet I was trying at the time. I had my first date with the love of my life at Margaux’s and all subsequent cherished events have been shared here. I’ve seen marriages and families expand amongst the staff and watched their children grow up. They have not only watched my children grow up but grandchildren, too. I met my dearest and best friends there. The staff is my extended family and I like their sophistication but I love their silliness. I once told Steve that when on my death bed, he and Margaux’s will flash before my eyes as part of my life. Therefore, it will always be, our place.

Wonderful People

People who know me best say Margaux’s is my kitchen and my living room. I really don’t have the time or desire to cook, and it is a great feeling to know that I can walk into Margaux’s after a long day of work, have a nice glass of wine and some of the most awesome food in town, and relax with good friends. This place never gets old and no one is surprised when I walk in the door one, two, three times a week (usually with the same good friends who love this place as much as I do)!

I can’t begin to name all of the wonderful people who have entered my life because of this restaurant! They have helped me celebrate promotions at work, major birthdays, and other high points in my life; introduced me to sushi, chopsticks and the proper way to open wine bottles; been my moving company when I moved to a new condo, and made me see that life is oh so much more than just work! Here’s to another 24 years of good food and wine, good company, and great feelings!

And…I can even tell Zachary and Jeremy apart on first glance – no easy feat!

A Delightful and Fantastic Meal

In many ways, the work of an Internet critic is easy. We risk very little, yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their hard work and themselves to our judgment. At times we thrive on negative criticism or overzealous compliments, which are fun to write and to read, yet we give no real details to what we write and hide behind avatars. The truth the internet critic must face is that, in the grand scheme of things, sometimes what we write has little meaning other than our opinions designating it as so, but other times a critic truly must say something, in the defense of what is really great. The Internet world is often unkind to great talent and artisans. With nay sayers at the ready, I am compelled to write this opinion. This month, I experienced a delightful and fantastic meal from a place I regard highly. To say that both the meal and its maker have challenged my preconceptions about fine cooking is an understatement. They have rocked my world. It is easy to imagine greatness coming from Margaux’s, but it is this internet critic’s opinion; the latest creations have come from nothing less than the finest chef and restaurant in Raleigh. I will be returning to Margaux’s soon, hungry for more.

One of the many great meals I have had was a Manhattan clam chowder based dish with scallops and shrimp over wilted spinach and small fingerling potatoes. The seafood each week is new, different and exciting!

If you are looking for a unique atmosphere, food served by a great wait staff, that is not the same repetitive dish month to month (or place to place,) then I high recommend Margaux’s. If something is not to your liking, tell them, they want you to have a great experience.

Incredible Value!

Celebrated NYE there last night! From the incredible value of a 4 course meal to a champagne toast and an awesome DJ all night for only $99 a person!! I had oysters on the half shell, an incredible caesar salad, a scrumptious tuna steak while my hubby had the delicious venison and then we both loved our desserts. Creme Brulee for me and a deliciously light caramel cheesecake. I can see why they have been in business for 25 years!!

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