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At Margaux’s Restaurant, we are honored to partner with local farmers, hunters and fishermen to ensure only the freshest ingredients are used in our dishes. From selectively-bred pork with superior flavor, consistency and marbling, dairy products from a low-impact, sustainable agricultural farm and fresh caught seafood from the North Carolina coast are what makes Margaux’s menu so incredible for our guests.

We collaborate with local artists to showcase their crafts and offer diners the chance to appreciate the talent and diversity available in our beautiful region.

Some of the local purveyors we work closely with to achieve this include:

Cheshire Pork Logo

Cheshire Pork

Pork chops, pork belly, salami, pork tenderloin

Cheshire Pork® reminds their customers that they are not just a breed. They have the advantage of more than 40 years of selective breeding by choosing only the top 3% of their heritage breeds, which is what gives their pork superior flavor, consistency in texture, and marbling.

Lady Edison, Extra Fancy Country Ham from the Tar Heel State Logo

Lady Edison Pork

Pork chops, pork belly

Bringing Southern Charcuterie out of the farmhouse and onto your plate.  Lady Edison is committed to working with Animal Welfare Approved small family farms to promote traditional, sustainable farming practices and a food system which values the whole animal.

Sweet Grass Dairy, Thomasville, Georgia Logo

Sweet Grass Dairy

Cheese – Green Hill Camembert

Sweet Grass Dairy blends an artist’s sense of creativity, inspiration and innovation with the hard-work, ethics, and time-honored skill of the craftsperson. The result is world-class, grass-based, incredibly flavorful cheese using old-world processes and new world techniques.

Celebrity Dairy Logo

Celebrity Dairy

Cheese – Goat Cheese

Celebrity Dairy Farm was founded in 1987 in Siler City, NC by Brit and Fleming Pfann. What began as “just a few” goats kept for their milk as an alternative to cow’s milk would grow into a dairy, creamery, soap business and bed and breakfast over the next 31 years.

Goat Lady Dairy Logo

Goat Lady Dairy

Cheese – Goat Cheese – Snow camp, fig and honey, Sandy Creek, Smokey Mountain Rounds

Since 1995, Goat Lady Dairy has changed customers’ relationship to local food and farming by giving them a direct connection to their food. It has always been their motto that when you change a person’s relationship to their food, you change them… and the world.

Ran-Lew Dairy Logo

Ran-Lew Dairy


Ran-Lew Dairy Milk Company LLC bottles fresh cream-top (non-homogenized) milk right on the farm.

Ward's Fruit and Ward's Triad Produce Companies, Inc. Logo

Ward’s Fruit & Produce

Fruit & Produce

Ward’s Fruit and Produce is a third-generation, family-owned and operated wholesale produce distributor. They have been providing fresh produce to the Triangle area for the better part of a century. They provide quality products with excellent personal service and competitive prices.

Broken Arrow Ranch Brand Logo

Broken Arrow Ranch


Every process is meant to protect the purity. Broken Arrow Ranch’s premium meat is field-harvested from the wild. Every rancher is fairly paid for every pound of meat they harvest and every employee is cared for like family. A pure customer experience means keeping you satisfied through the last bite.

Cup a Joe


A local coffee haven with two locations situated in the Raleigh area. Their perfectly balanced coffee is carefully grown and processed in an effort to provide the perfect cup.

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