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Margaux's Restaurant Our People

Not just a staff, but a family!


Established in 1992, Margaux’s remains one of the most unforgettable fine dining experiences in the South. More than just a restaurant, Margaux’s is a destination. It’s a place to unwind, unplug and immerse yourself in a world of astounding flavor and impeccable service.

Among its many accolades, Margaux’s was recently awarded the Triangle Restaurant of the Year Award for 2019 and it’s a testament to our dedicated and passionate owners and staff. Our happy family is ready to welcome yours.

Andrew Pettifer

Born and raised in South London, Pettifer received his culinary training in the four corners of the world. After receiving his standard trade certification, Pettifer…

Hong Kong Phooey
Steve Horowitz

A Founding Father of Margaux’s, Horowitz serves as the Restaurant’s General Manager. Regulars to the Restaurant are familiar with his inviting personality and quiet attention…

Margaux's Restaurant Staff Member Valenti F Zera
Val Zera

This individual is the unified discipline that makes this restaurant what it is. Without accolades, he is the force that anchors our hysteria. Dotting every…

Stephanie Hazard

A 7 Year Veteran of our Team, Hazwa Or Momma, as our Staff has appropriately nicknamed Stephanie was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. This…

William Marcus Medford Jr.

Medford, aka “The Feather Rustler”, motivates and pushes people’s buttons the right way. Adept at running any of the 4 stations on the chefs’ line,…

Big Papi

Miguel Cazuela, the anchor to our kitchen crew, can do anything and everything with a smile.  Able to grasp hard tasks with one demonstration and…

Margaux's Restaurant Staff Member Erick Beidler
Erick Beidler

Erick Beidler has been with our family for 22 years and counting. If ever privileged to have had him take care of you, it is…

Margaux's Restaurant Staff Member Peter Ekenstierna
Peter Ekenstierna

Originally hailing from Finger Lakes, NY, Peter entered our world approximately 17 years ago as a military-trained anti-aircraft artillery expert, and he’s been sharp shooting…

Margaux's Restaurant Staff Member Melanie Hansen
Melanie Hansen

A 10 year veteran of our team, originally hailing from Yucca Valley & Hawthorne regions of California, Mel found herself moving to Raleigh following her…

Margaux's Restaurant Staff Member Annmarie Vale
AnnMarie Valea

AnnMarie joined our staff 12 years ago learning our methods at our hostess stand. After honing her superior skills of customer enhancement, she quickly moved…

Margaux's Restaurant Staff Member Bill Coulter
Bill Coulter

This polished boy scout originally hails from Montgomery, Alabama.  Introduced to fine dining by best friend Heather, Bill is one of the sweetest sincere family…

Margaux's Restaurant Staff Member Heather Colvin
Heather Colvin

Originally hailing from Miami-Fort Meyer area, Heather migrated to North Carolina to be closer to the mountain ranges & experience the change in seasons. Following…

Margaux's Restaurant Staff Member Brad Moran
Brad Moran
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