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, Margaux's Restaurant

Not just a staff, but a family!


Established in 1992, Margaux’s remains one of the most unforgettable fine dining experiences in the South. More than just a restaurant, Margaux’s is a destination. It’s a place to unwind, unplug and immerse yourself in a world of astounding flavor and impeccable service.

Among its many accolades, Margaux’s was recently awarded the Triangle Restaurant of the Year Award for 2019 and it’s a testament to our dedicated and passionate owners and staff. Our happy family is ready to welcome yours.

, Margaux's Restaurant
Andrew Pettifer

Born and raised in South London, Pettifer received his culinary training in the four corners of the world. After receiving his standard trade certification, Pettifer…

, Margaux's Restaurant
Steve Horowitz

A Founding Father of Margaux’s, Horowitz serves as the Restaurant’s General Manager. Regulars to the Restaurant are familiar with his inviting personality and quiet attention…

, Margaux's Restaurant
Val Zera

This individual is the unified discipline that makes this restaurant what it is. Without accolades, he is the force that anchors our hysteria. Dotting every…

, Margaux's Restaurant
Stephanie Hazard

A 7 Year Veteran of our Team, Hazwa Or Momma, as our Staff has appropriately nicknamed Stephanie was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. This…

, Margaux's Restaurant
Kimberly Tosch

Once in every restaurant’s lifetime, there comes a rare individual that is indispensable. If we could stamp out the perfect “Margaux’s Model Mannequin,” it would…

, Margaux's Restaurant
William Marcus Medford Jr.

Medford, aka “The Feather Rustler”, motivates and pushes people’s buttons the right way. Adept at running any of the 4 stations on the chefs’ line,…

, Margaux's Restaurant
Big Papi

Miguel Cazuela, the anchor to our kitchen crew, can do anything and everything with a smile.  Able to grasp hard tasks with one demonstration and…

, Margaux's Restaurant
Erick Beidler

Erick Beidler has been with our family for 22 years and counting. If ever privileged to have had him take care of you, it is…

, Margaux's Restaurant
Peter Ekenstierna

Originally hailing from Finger Lakes, NY, Peter entered our world approximately 17 years ago as a military-trained anti-aircraft artillery expert, and he’s been sharp shooting…

, Margaux's Restaurant
Melanie Hansen

A 10 year veteran of our team, originally hailing from Yucca Valley & Hawthorne regions of California, Mel found herself moving to Raleigh following her…

, Margaux's Restaurant
Bianka Larouche

Culinary Training: A-B Tech Asheville 1st Language: French Hometown/Origin: Laval, Montreal Knife Hand: Right Instagram Handle: @biankatron Favorite Protein To Prepare: Duck or Lamb Chef Admire Most: Ed Cohen Season Fancies Most: Winter…

, Margaux's Restaurant
AnnMarie Valea

AnnMarie joined our staff 12 years ago learning our methods at our hostess stand. After honing her superior skills of customer enhancement, she quickly moved…

, Margaux's Restaurant
Edwin Brantley

This Johnson & Wales Graduate hails from Spring Hope, NC.  Educated at an early age under the tutelage of Mom & Grandma, Edwin has dexterously…

, Margaux's Restaurant
Bill Coulter

This polished boy scout originally hails from Montgomery, Alabama.  Introduced to fine dining by best friend Heather, Bill is one of the sweetest sincere family…

, Margaux's Restaurant
Bob Adamson

Originally hailing from Akron, San Diego, Massachusetts, Georgia, Arizona, Missouri.  Bob has either lived or traveled to every state in our country excluding Alaska &…

, Margaux's Restaurant
Heather Colvin

Originally hailing from Miami-Fort Meyer area, Heather migrated to North Carolina to be closer to the mountain ranges & experience the change in seasons. Following…

, Margaux's Restaurant
Sherwood Knight
, Margaux's Restaurant
Brad Moran
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We are open for indoor and outdoor dining!

Mon-Sat 5pm – 8:30pm (8:15pm last reservation)

To-Go Orders Available

Closed Sundays
(Available for Private Events)

Nov. 25 11am-3pm
Reservations required & secured with credit card