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Group Dinners Win Gold at Margaux’s

We celebrate anniversaries pretty much every day at Margaux’s, but we know that most couples only get to celebrate anniversaries once a year, so the servers and staff at Margaux’s go above and beyond to make your celebration a smashing…

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North Raleigh Restaurants Know How to Party

Most Raleigh natives grew up with an innate understanding of North Raleigh’s appeal—the idyllic combination of lush trees and native plants, close-knit neighborhoods, and upscale local establishments featuring ample parking and laid-back attitudes—while newcomers to Raleigh tend to erroneously believe…

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Five Reasons We Love Dining Out in Raleigh

Dining out is one of the simple pleasures of life, and here in Raleigh, we have a plethora of unique, locally owned restaurants that make the City of Oaks such a wonderful place to live. However, amidst the busy demands…

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Raleigh’s Best Restaurants for Supper Clubs

Many people consider supper an obsolete word that’s synonymous with dinner, but in North Carolina, most families called their midday meal “dinner” and their evening meal “supper” until the mid-1950s, if not longer. While your older relatives might still ask…

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An elegant table setting at a high-end restaurant prepared for a private event.

5 Reasons to Rent a Private Room for Your Next Event

If you’re planning any kind of upcoming event—whether it’s a rehearsal dinner, family reunion, or anniversary party—do yourself a favor and rent a private dining room in one of Raleigh’s best fine dining restaurants. If you’ve never hosted a party…

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