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Margaux’s Makes It Memorable!

Since we came on the restaurant scene 28 years ago, Margaux’s has become a top Triangle location for Corporate Private Dining. Our centrally located Raleigh restaurant makes it the perfect spot for hosting out of town clients or business partners,…

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Your Steak Destination

Start the new decade by indulging your taste receptors for an extraordinary experience at Margaux’s, a staple steakhouse in Raleigh, NC. We have mastered the art of fulfilling your Umami or “fifth taste”. Since 1992, getting it right is what…

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Perfect Vibe Included

At Margaux’s, our private dining rooms are available for those life events that make you smile and are talked about long after the party ends. We have a trifecta of attractive and uniquely designed spaces for hosting the perfect intimate…

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Foodie’s Favorite

If you’re lucky enough to live or visit “The Triangle,” please join us for your fine dining pleasure. Our “City in the Oaks” restaurant in Raleigh, NC is synonymous for creating that perfect venue to catch up with old friends,…

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Artisan Michele Yellin

My paintings evolve organically. I start by laying down texture and color to create a loose abstract field. The textures and colors suggest shapes and spaces, much like clouds creating shapes in the sky. Everything and anything is on that…

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Errol Engelbrecht

A self taught artist, Errol's passion for art began in his senior year of high school when he studied nothing but art as a result of having met other graduation requirements earlier on.  This gave Errol a taste of life…

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Ryan Fox Art

Ryan Fox will be our featured artist Jul1-Sept30, Summer of 2018.  Honor to have him don our walls. Watercolor artist Ryan Fox is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society as well as five state societies- Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania,…

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We are now open for indoor/outdoor dining!

Mon-Thurs 5pm – 8:30pm (8:15pm last reservation)
Fri-Sat 5pm - 9pm (8:45pm last reservation)

To-Go Orders Available

Closed Sundays
(Available for Private Events)

*Due to Covid-19 regulations, we’ll have to limit the number of people seated at time.

We will be making extra efforts to thoroughly disinfect all surfaces between each guest and we will be providing single-use paper menus.