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When we left, I went around saying good-bye but missed you.  I want to
thank you for yet another totally wonderful experience.  The word
excellence doesn’t do justice for what you and the teams do.  I’ll be
putting a post on line later in the weekend.  I just want you to know
we all loved it, and to say thank you for everything.  You’re the
best.  You have a wonderful family, a wonderful staff, and you are so
over the top.  I love knowing you outside the place, I know what pride
you take and the hard work you put into the business, it shows and the
pride shows in everyone who works there.
Totally loved the experience!

- Brad Lane 46th Anniversary Celebration

Celebrated NYE there last night! From the incredible value of a 4 course meal to a champagne toast and an awesome DJ all night for only $99 a person!! I had oysters on the half shell, an incredible caesar salad, a scrumptious tuna steak while my hubby had the delicious venison and then we both loved our desserts. Creme Brulee for me and a deliciously light caramel cheesecake. I can see why they have been in business for 25 years!!

- Angela Coton Christopher

In many ways, the work of an Internet critic is easy. We risk very little, yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their hard work and themselves to our judgment.  At times we thrive on negative criticism or overzealous compliments, which are fun to write and to read, yet we give no real details to what we write and hide behind avatars. The truth the internet critic must face is that, in the grand scheme of things, sometimes what we write has little meaning other than our opinions designating it as so, but other times a critic truly must say something, in the defense of what is really great. The Internet world is often unkind to great talent and artisans.  With nay sayers at the ready, I am compelled to write this opinion.  This month, I experienced a delightful and fantastic meal from a place I regard highly. To say that both the meal and its maker have challenged my preconceptions about fine cooking is an understatement. They have rocked my world.   It is easy to imagine greatness coming from Margaux’s, but it is this internet critic’s opinion; the latest creations have come from nothing less than the finest chef and restaurant in Raleigh.  I will be returning to Margaux’s soon, hungry for more.

One of the many great meals I have had was a Manhattan clam chowder based dish with scallops and shrimp over wilted spinach and small fingerling potatoes. The seafood each week is new, different and exciting!

If you are looking for a unique atmosphere, food served by a great wait staff, that is not the same repetitive dish month to month (or place to place,) then I high recommend Margaux’s.  If something is not to your liking, tell them, they want you to have a great experience.

- Ryan Hussey

People who know me best say Margaux’s is my kitchen and my living room. I really don’t have the time or desire to cook, and it is a great feeling to know that I can walk into Margaux’s after a long day of work, have a nice glass of wine and some of the most awesome food in town, and relax with good friends. This place never gets old and no one is surprised when I walk in the door one, two, three times a week (usually with the same good friends who love this place as much as I do)!

I can’t begin to name all of the wonderful people who have entered my life because of this restaurant! They have helped me celebrate promotions at work, major birthdays, and other high points in my life; introduced me to sushi, chopsticks and the proper way to open wine bottles; been my moving company when I moved to a new condo, and made me see that life is oh so much more than just work!  Here’s to another 24 years of good food and wine, good company, and great feelings!

And…I can even tell Zachary and Jeremy apart on first glance – no easy feat!

- Kathy Krawczyk

I’ve been coming to Margaux’s for 16 years.  I keep coming back because whenever I walk through those doors, there is always someone there that is happy to see me. The food is amazing and Chef Pettifer has always catered to my food needs no matter what crazy diet I was trying at the time.  I had my first date with the love of my life at Margaux’s and all subsequent cherished events have been shared here. I’ve seen marriages and families expand amongst the staff and watched their children grow up. They have not only watched my children grow up but grandchildren, too. I met my dearest and best friends there. The staff is my extended family and I like their sophistication but I love their silliness.  I once told Steve that when on my death bed, he and Margaux’s will flash before my eyes as part of my life. Therefore, it will always be, our place.

- Shanta Melissa Dunn

  • Location & Hours

    (919) 846-9846
    info AT margauxsrestaurant DOT com
    8111 Creedmoor Rd, Suite 111
    Raleigh, North Carolina
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    Lunch: Thursdays & Fridays Only 11:30am-1:30pm
    Dinner: Mon-Thurs 5:30-9pm, Fri-Sat 5:30-10pm
    Closed Sundays (Available for Private Events)

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