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David Rubin Artisan of the Moment

David Rubin, Raleigh NC.  Just installed works on our walls Sept 28th- January 2nd
I am focused in melding styles of pre-WWII and post WWII abstract art. Latest emphasis of work is an attempt to mix the energy, passion and unpredictability of abstract expressionism with the stark simplicity of gestural illustration found in the early 20th century masters. Many works aspire to an aesthetic polygamy of Joan Mitchell married to Matisse, Picasso and Klee. Few pieces are pre-conceived except for the color scheme. Immersed in the stillness of creation, the brush or palette strokes are spontaneous and initially chaotic.  My process of painting attempts to create order from the initial disorder and chaos/entropy. Accordingly, I refer to this effort as “negentropy” which in essence defines life, as all biology creates order from the chaos of atoms. As a result of this approach, many efforts fail, and to paraphrase better artists than myself, my art consists of the mistakes I keep.

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