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North Raleigh Restaurants Know How to Party

Most Raleigh natives grew up with an innate understanding of North Raleigh’s appeal—the idyllic combination of lush trees and native plants, close-knit neighborhoods, and upscale local establishments featuring ample parking and laid-back attitudes—while newcomers to Raleigh tend to erroneously believe that they need to go downtown to find Raleigh’s best restaurants and retail shops. But with makeovers to areas like North Hills in recent years, more people are discovering the hidden gems that have been North Raleigh institutions for decades.

Back in 1992, when Margaux’s first opened in North Raleigh’s Brennan station, North Hills was a quaint indoor shopping mall, and no one had ever uttered the word Midtown when describing any part of Raleigh. While the area around Margaux’s has changed significantly over the last 30+ years, Margaux’s has remained a reliable Raleigh favorite, where you can always count on friendly faces, great service, and delicious cuisine.

If you’re looking for a restaurant with a private room in Raleigh, you’ll absolutely love the elegance and convenience of hosting a private party at Margaux’s in North Raleigh.

3 Reasons to Host a Private Party at Margaux’s

  1. Plenty of free parking

Ideally, when you’re hosting a group dinner or private party, you want to make it as easy as possible for all your guests to arrive feeling ebullient and ready to party. If you’ve ever spent half an hour looking for a parking spot in downtown Raleigh and finally arrived at your dinner reservation with a burning undercurrent of parking-induced rage (and burgeoning blisters from walking in your most stunning dress shoes), you already know the value of saving your guests from the nightmare of navigating downtown Raleigh’s parking issues and one-way streets.

To prevent your loved ones from enduring such madness, make reservations at one of North Raleigh’s best restaurants instead, and every member of your party will roll up to the restaurant with the calm, relaxed demeanor of a person who just pulled into a (free!) parking spot in front of the restaurant without worrying about their chances of getting a parking ticket.

  1. Other diners won’t affect your party

When the stars align, and you finally get all your favorite people together in one place for a celebratory meal, you don’t want a bunch of randos at nearby tables interfering with your group’s dynamics. Let’s be honest, you can usually handle it when you’re related to the kid who’s whining incessantly, but trying to ignore a stranger’s obnoxious kid can really kill the mood of any group dinner.

When you rent a private room at Margaux’s, you truly get a private dining experience. You and your guests won’t have to tune out loud conversations at nearby tables, and you won’t face constant interruptions as other diners try to squeeze past your table on their way to the facilities. In fact, when you rent a private room at Margaux’s, you don’t have to worry about anything that’s going on in the rest of the restaurant because our Bordeaux Room provides a dedicated, staffed kitchen and bar, so your meal won’t be affected by orders in the main dining room. Since the Bordeaux Room also includes access to a private lavatory, you and your guests won’t even cross paths with the diners from the main restaurant.

  1. Your party won’t affect other diners

If things tend to get loud when you gather in public with a large group of close friends or family, renting a private room allows everyone to revel in the communal chaos without disturbing people seated at nearby tables. Whether you’re celebrating a graduation, anniversary, birthday, or wedding, renting a private dining room is the easiest way to ensure your guests feel comfortable and uncensored during your celebratory meal.

When you dine in Margaux’s fully private dining room, you and your guests can give spontaneous toasts without worrying about what people at the next table might think. As a bonus, everyone in your party will actually be able to hear each other’s toasts, so you won’t miss the punchline of Grandpa’s toast or the emotional, tender parts of Aunt Betty’s monologue.

If you want to host a private party that leaves your guests feeling the warm glow of a magical connection, rent a private room in one of Raleigh’s best restaurants. Raleigh locals have been partying at Margaux’s for over 30 years, and it’s still consistently named one of Raleigh’s best restaurants for special occasions. No wonder Margaux’s is often mentioned as a Raleigh institution: No matter how much the city continues to grow and change, Margaux’s will always be one of Raleigh’s best places to party.

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