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Closed September 2 & 3 for Kitchen Renovations
See you soon!
Margaux's Restaurant Staff Member Peter Ekenstierna

Originally hailing from Finger Lakes, NY, Peter entered our world approximately 17 years ago as a military-trained anti-aircraft artillery expert, and he’s been sharp shooting here ever since. Peter has lived in Raleigh for 16 years and is a graduate of NC State University. The eldest of 4 siblings, he currently runs The North Glen Halfway House for the restaurant community. One of the greatest things about Mr. Ekenstierna is his wife, Kimberly. She is about the only person who can keep this ferocious lion tamed & from wreaking havoc on any bunny rabbit in his path. In his spare time away from the restaurant, Bootknocker is a fitness guru and a roller genius. Frequently the most asked for representative on our floor, Pete also handles our wine program. This is an intense job handling 48 purveyors, price lists, deliveries & all the mishaps that occur due to human nature. Like a seasoned veteran, Pete handles everything in stride and with each list impresses even the choosiest oenophile. Without a doubt, he is one of the most intense members of our staff.  He has an incredible eye for detail and one of the greatest comedic deliveries this side of Toschville. Always striving to be consistent and not afraid to speak his mind. Peter is without a doubt the strongest person on staff, can bench press 415 pounds and is able to do a 2 1/2 back double twist on the springboard effortlessly. Immense heart, graceful & one of the most distinguished palates on this side of the Mason Dixon Line.

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