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People who know me best say Margaux’s is my kitchen and my living room. I really don’t have the time or desire to cook, and it is a great feeling to know that I can walk into Margaux’s after a long day of work, have a nice glass of wine and some of the most awesome food in town, and relax with good friends. This place never gets old and no one is surprised when I walk in the door one, two, three times a week (usually with the same good friends who love this place as much as I do)!

I can’t begin to name all of the wonderful people who have entered my life because of this restaurant! They have helped me celebrate promotions at work, major birthdays, and other high points in my life; introduced me to sushi, chopsticks and the proper way to open wine bottles; been my moving company when I moved to a new condo, and made me see that life is oh so much more than just work! Here’s to another 24 years of good food and wine, good company, and great feelings!

And…I can even tell Zachary and Jeremy apart on first glance – no easy feat!

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