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How to Make Family Dinners at a Steakhouse in Raleigh NC More Enjoyable

When it comes to dinner, it has become much easier to grab something on the go or to let everyone find something for themselves. These days, there’s an increasing number of times when work gets a little too overwhelming or school activities being too demanding. This then results in family members easily dismissing the idea of having dinner together. It might not be as obvious, but when this happens, it could affect us in many ways. Unknowingly, family members slowly drift apart and even the act of eating together becomes a rare occasion.

Beyond the act of eating with family, what makes these dinners special is that it allows you to feel good about yourself, even if you don’t notice it right away. For instance, children feel more loved when parents ask about their day, busy parents feel more appreciated, and simply just checking in on each other becomes a source of comfort especially when the hustle and bustle of everyday life can sometimes get the best of us.

So how do you find time to get everyone together for dinner at a steakhouse in Raleigh NC? And how do you make it so that it becomes an event to look forward to so that your family doesn’t skip on the idea? Here are some tips you can put to good use so that you can make your next dinner night out with your family more enjoyable.

Find time to make family dinners happen 

Making time is one of the biggest obstacles to families gathering for dinner, but so is not having the intention to be part of one. In any week, there are at least 16 possible times for families to eat together—7 breakfasts, 7 dinners, and even two weekend lunches. The goal is not to achieve a magic number, but to find as many opportunities as you can and to make the most of them. Make the effort to block out two or three hours from your usual routine and dedicate it to catching up with your parents, children, or other close family members during dinner.

Go somewhere nice 

The thought of going to a nice restaurant becomes something anyone can easily look forward to. So it’s a good idea to tell your family that you’re thinking of dining out at a steakhouse in Raleigh NC — this could even increase the likelihood of it happening! If it’s not enough, remind them about the steak dinner with delicious sides they can have, or perhaps something new on the menu they’d like to try. If the kids are hesitant, tell them there will be equally delicious kids’ meals on the menu plus, a free sundae!

Inspire your family to get talking 

It goes without saying that communication plays a huge role that keeps families together. Although you live as a family, each member has different plans, different schedules, and each is on a different track throughout life. So if you’re part of one who isn’t too big on the communication game, break the ice! Make it so that you have scheduled dinner nights at a steakhouse in Raleigh NC where you can spend time with each other, one meal at a time. The location is ideal too since it won’t be too noisy or too rowdy. Encouraging your family to be together, even just over a dinner meal, allows you to plan more activities together.

Encourage everyone to “be present” 

When you arrive at the steakhouse in Raleigh NC, impose a “no screens at the table” rule. This may seem obvious, but many parents and children alike are guilty of having their gadgets too close to them during dinner. A family dinner really isn’t a family dinner if we’re staring at a screen, so put away the phones and tablets and talk to the person beside or across you.

Some families even have a device basket or bag near the table where everyone puts their gadgets in so they won’t be tempted to look at them during dinner time. Anything becomes more fun when you all work towards the same goal. In this case, the goal is to bring everyone closer to each other, and getting rid of distractions is a good way to start.

Play table games 

Make the time together fun! This will make the entire family anticipate having more dinner nights out together, as well as create great new memories. While waiting for your order, whip up some games you can play at the dinner table (and no, this doesn’t mean having a food fight). Kids may even get so excited about your dinner table games, that they’ll help you scour the internet for more games or even make one up themselves! Be creative! For now, you can try some of these games:

  • Two Truths and a Lie

The way this game works is that everyone takes turns sharing three things that happened in their day. Two are true and the third is a lie. The rest of the family then has to choose which one is not true.

  • Alphabet Game

Everyone goes around and names a word that starts with A, the next person with B, and so forth. You can make it a little more challenging for teens by letting them spell the word too.

  • “And Then” Story Time

Going around the table, each family member adds a few sentences to a story, allowing the whole family to write a tale together. One person starts a story with one sentence, as simple as “Once upon a time, there was a boy who loved playing football”. Each person then adds a sentence to the story around the table until the story is finished. You’ll be in for a few laughs when the story takes on funny and even weird turns.

It’s the experience, not the food, that matters the most

Despite parents and children’s busy schedules, being together for dinner is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate being a family: staying in touch, learning more about each other, practicing social skills, and so much more — more so, when you dine out together! Family dinners at a steakhouse in Raleigh NC allow you to do just that. And you don’t even have to worry about cleaning up.

As the old saying goes, food is better when we dine with the people we love. So start by making a conscious effort to plan family dinners again, and rekindle the closeness we often forget about, because of how busy our lives sometimes are.

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