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Quick Etiquette Guide when Eating at Fine Dining Restaurants Raleigh NC

Fine dining restaurants in Raleigh NC

Going to dinner at one of the popular fine dining restaurants Raleigh NC is always something one looks forward to. Delicious meals, beautiful ambiance, and a relaxing atmosphere await guests looking to take a break from their busy lives. However, we shouldn’t forget that there are some fine dining etiquette rules, table manners, and proper cutlery tips to know before dining at one. Below, we’ve rounded up some basic dining etiquette tips so you can be extra confident and make your dining experience effortlessly enjoyable.

Why is it Essential to Know dining Etiquette Rules?

As the famous saying goes, “Manners maketh man” – how you conduct yourself, how you eat, how you observe proper table manners, as well as how you talk and interact with your peers and the restaurant staff can all say a lot about you as a person. Good dining etiquette also plays an essential role in helping you build self-confidence. If you’re eating with colleagues or your bosses at fine dining restaurants Raleigh NC, observing proper decorum is critical to your professional success. More importantly, many people consider your actions a reflection of your behavior in society, at work, and at home.

Before the Evening Begins

First things first: Be punctual! Make sure you arrive at any of the chosen fine dining restaurants Raleigh NC on time. It’s common courtesy to arrive a couple of minutes earlier than the time the host mentioned. When you make your way to the table, the next thing you should do is to put the napkin on your lap or wait for the servers to do it for you.

At the Table 

The beautiful ambiance and the jazzy sounds mark the start of an enjoyable evening. After being seated, chances are, the next thing you’ll see is a variety of cutlery right before you. Do not be overwhelmed! Instead, feel confident knowing that the general rule is to start with the outermost utensils first and work your way in as the courses progress.

Bread and Drinks

Next, when the staff at fine dining restaurants Raleigh NC starts to serve freshly baked bread and drinks at your table, make sure to reach to your left for bread, and to your right for your drinking glass. Keep this in mind to avoid the awkward situation of taking someone else’s. Interestingly, a fine dining expert shares how you can quickly remember this rule: Using your thumb and forefingers, create a “b” for bread with your left hand, and a “d” for drink with your right hand to know which is yours. Begin eating only when everyone has been served or when the host starts to eat.


If you’re having soup, make sure you scoop it away from you. Do not slurp your soup off the spoon. If the soup’s too hot, don’t blow on it. Instead, wait for it to cool down. Resist the urge to lift or tilt the soup bowl to drink the last few drops that can’t be ladled with your spoon. And when you’re done, remember to put the soup spoon on the plate on which it was served.

How to Eat Properly

The food served in fine dining restaurants Raleigh NC should generally be cut into smaller bite-sized pieces as you eat them. Make sure you use your fork and knife as you slice bigger chunks of meat or fish, no matter what others do. Cutting food all at once becomes acceptable only if you’re doing it for children at the table.

It goes without saying that loud eating noises such as slurping or burping are very impolite. Also, if at any point you drop a utensil on the floor, do not pick it up. Simply ask your server for a new one. Once you’re done eating, put your fork and knife together and gently place their tines and tips on the center of the plate to indicate that the wait staff may clear your dish.

Drinking Wine

When the sommelier approaches you and starts pouring wine, it’s acceptable to tell them when you feel that you’ve had enough or if you only want half a glass. Remember that you should verbally tell them what you want instead of just making strange gestures, which could lead to both of you being confused. Worse, not being served wine because the server could not understand what you were trying to say, so you miss out on trying some of the great-tasting wine available locally.

Mind Your Manners

There you have it! Stick by these simple dining etiquette tips so you can avoid uninvited attention, leave a good impression, and genuinely enjoy the evening with your friends at fine dining restaurants Raleigh NC. These are general rules to keep in mind to ensure your experience is an unforgettable one.

Knowing the basics will make you feel better about yourself, make you feel more confident, and encourage you to attend more fine dining events. So, make plans and head out to one of the popular fine dining restaurants in Raleigh NC you’ve always wanted to try and make it a night to remember. Bon Appetit!

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