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Medford, aka “The Feather Rustler”, motivates and pushes people’s buttons the right way. Adept at running any of the 4 stations on the chefs’ line, always positive, he has endless energy that shines on all of our staff. His childhood memories of his Georgian Grandmother influence his style & stem deep to her roots of Southern Cooking, fried fish BBQs, squash casseroles, Brunswick Stews. As he firmly claims, “It is so important to know where your food is coming from”. Asked why he has stayed at Margaux’s for so long, “Just look at this place, there is not another place like it in the Triangle. The people that work here are my family.” Working beside Chef/Owner Pettifer, is undoubtedly being with one of the most honest, hardest working men he has ever worked with. “Andy is a phenomenal chef & teacher.” This Feather Rustler is truly a ruby amongst the swamp and is one of the reasons Margaux’s stands strong after 27 years. FYI, Medford ran a 5k in under 14:52. His wife Jill is a Master Sculptor and is responsible for creating & hand sculpting all our dipping dishes and one of a kind shot glasses. We are all blessed for having him a part of our Margaux’s Family. We wouldn’t be who we are without him.

Pictured with his children Hannah & Simon.

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