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The Best of Both Worlds: Outdoor Fine Dining in Raleigh, NC

Guess what y’all, it’s that time of year again: Patio Season has arrived in the Triangle. Thanks to warmer temperatures and longer days, you can get your fresh air fix while enjoying after-work dinner and drinks at one of the best outdoor dining spots in Raleigh. There are plenty of fast-casual chain restaurants with outdoor tables, but did you know you can enjoy elegant outdoor fine dining at a locally owned restaurant in Raleigh?

Margaux’s in Brennan Station combines the best of both worlds, so you don’t have to choose between fine dining and the great outdoors. On Margaux’s upscale patio, you can relish the euphoria of dining al fresco along with the elegance, exquisite service, and delicious food you expect at a fine dining restaurant.


The Freshest Fine Dining Outdoors

Freshness abounds at Margaux’s: Margaux’s chefs make each dish with the freshest seasonal ingredients from local suppliers, so you’ll nourish your body and soul with each bite, whether you choose to dine outside on our patio or in our eclectic dining room. When you dine amidst the fresh air and greenery on our upscale patio, the budding flowers and tender new growth bursting forth all around you will infuse every aspect of your meal with a sense of magic.

Since Margaux’s chefs change the menu every day, you can discover tantalizing new dishes like our Ginger-Spiced Crab Ragout of Butternut Squash and Cannellini Beans with Pineapple Salsa topped with Seared Scallops each time you visit. Now that it’s officially patio season in North Carolina, you can feast your eyes on a rainbow of spring colors as you enjoy Southern spring staples like ramps, pimento cheese, and Brussels sprouts.


The Perfect Blend of Fresh Air, Fresh Food, and Mixed Drinks

If you want to take outdoor fine dining to the next level, treat yourself to a cocktail (or two) from Margaux’s libations menu. Chat the night away with your loved ones as you sip an Elderflowertini (Tanqueray Gin + St. Germain Liqueur with a Splash of Grapefruit Juice and Prosecco) or a Watermelon Twist (Watermelon Vodka and Cranberry Juice with a Scrumptious Splash of Sour). If you prefer a drink with a little less kick, check out our extensive wine list and our mouth-watering selection of draft beers.


Upscale Fine Dining with Your Fur Babies

If you worry about leaving Fido at home while you dine with your loved ones on Margaux’s upscale patio, we’ve got great news for you: You can bring your (well-behaved) dog with you for an idyllic evening of outdoor dining at Margaux’s. With your fur baby resting blissfully at your feet, you can truly relax and enjoy every moment of your evening. Since you won’t be rushing home to let the dog out, you might even have time to peruse the dessert menu and enjoy a piece of cheesecake.

*You and your pet aren’t the only ones enjoying an evening of outdoor fine dining, so please keep your pet always leashed and at your table. Even if it *seems* obvious that your dog is just a big ball of fluffy love, other diners might feel anxious around animals, so it’s best to keep your pet within your personal dining space.


Fine Dining Outdoors at Margaux’s in Raleigh

Margaux’s in Raleigh extends the fine dining experience beyond the walls of the restaurant, so you and your loved ones can enjoy fine dining elegance and impeccable service while you bask in the beauty of a warm North Carolina evening. Thanks to the Triangle’s temperate climate, you can enjoy outdoor fine dining at Margaux’s throughout most of the year. Whether you call the restaurant directly or make reservations online, make sure to specify that you want a table in Margaux’s outdoor seating area.

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