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Margaux’s: The Best Raleigh Restaurant for Dining with a Large Group

Restaurants for Large Groups Raleigh

A few years ago, we asked people on Facebook to share their favorite Margaux’s memories, and we noticed a trend among the responses: Group dinners featured prominently in people’s fondest memories of Margaux’s. Guests mentioned that the stellar service, phenomenal menu, and eclectic atmosphere at Margaux’s in Raleigh enhanced wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, anniversary parties, birthday parties, retirement parties, and family dinners. Margaux’s is among the best restaurants for large groups Raleigh.

We’re delighted and honored that so many Raleigh locals choose to celebrate life’s milestones and stepping stones at Margaux’s, so we will do everything we can to ensure that every member of your party will keep talking about the experience for years to come.

Three Ways Margaux’s Restaurant Makes Group Dining Memorable

  1. Easy, stress-free planning for large group dinners in Raleigh

When you host a large group dinner at Margaux’s, you can relax and enjoy the evening with full confidence that our experienced staff will take care of everything. As the host, all you have to do is give us a heads-up about any food allergies or dietary restrictions within your group when you pay the deposit to reserve your private or semi-private party room. We’ll make sure everything runs smoothly so you can eat, drink, socialize, and celebrate with your guests on the night of your event.

  1. Intuitive servers and staff understand your group’s dynamic

Sometimes people wonder if our servers possess social superpowers because they seem to fit right in with every group that comes through the door. Whether you’re dining with a large group of relatives, coworkers, or lifelong friends, Margaux’s servers will intuitively understand how to meet your group’s collective and individual needs.

Everyone at Margaux’s knows how to handle the big personalities that tend to emerge in group settings: Our servers will engage in friendly banter with Uncle Bill as he looks over the libations menu, and if Aunt Bethany has a question about the Yellowfin Tuna but needs to tell us about her sister’s hip replacement surgery first, we’ll empathize and then deftly help her decide about that Yellowfin Tuna.

On the flip side, if your server approaches your table with the water pitcher just as Grandpa launches into an old family story, your server will fade into the background and come back to refill your drinks at a better time.

  1. Customized menu for maximum satisfaction

We’ve been serving large groups at Margaux’s restaurant in Raleigh since we opened in 1992, so we’ve had decades to figure out the best way to serve an entire group at once as Margaux’s is among the best restaurants for large groups Raleigh. To ensure that your three-course meal runs smoothly, our chefs will design a three-course prix-fixe menu just for your private party (which is why it’s essential that you mention any food allergies or dietary restrictions when you make reservations).

Each course on your custom prix-fixe menu will feature a selection of dishes made with fresh seasonal produce, meats, and seafood from our local suppliers, and our chefs will offer a variety of dishes that require similar prep and cooking times for each course. Thanks to Margaux’s chefs’ careful planning, everyone’s food will be ready at the same time, so you won’t have to face the awkward decision of whether to go ahead and start eating even though your mother-in-law is still waiting for her food. We’d never put you in that kind of explosive situation at Margaux’s. We want large group dinners to bring people closer together and inspire lifelong memories; based on feedback from satisfied guests, it seems like we’re nailing it.

Hear from one of our satisfied guests below on why Margaux’s is among the best restaurants for large groups Raleigh:

“On Sept 28th, my husband and I hosted our son and fiancé’s rehearsal dinner (Zack and Elisabeth). Recently, my husband and I were talking about how nice it was and he asked how I decided on Margaux’s. I told him it was the location, food options and right size, but what I didn’t know was just how over the top the service and attention to detail would be.

That can’t be seen on a website, but really wanted you all to know that it was your “secret sauce” and we will share with everyone we know what a great choice Margaux’s was for us.”

– Sherri

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