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Treescape by Spinak

“Treescape” was a departure from the typical long-thought-out pieces I’ve previously created, and more like a stream of consciousness. Instead of planning and staging, it all started with one nail, a rainy afternoon and a little inspiration. I used two types of nails, one for the trunk and main branches and another for the smaller outer branches. Every nail was welded on one at a time, and then heated and bent to shape until an organic and familiar tree emerged. With no real reference, or prior experience, I was amazed at how easily the tree took shape in front of me. And it wasn’t until after many hours of construction and deep reflection (while in “the zone”), that I realized the tree…was me, or at least how I view life. It became obvious that each and every limb and leaf, wants to live life to the fullest. They each strive for the stars, reaching for their own space to find their piece of the light. Along the way, many branches will break, both small and large, leaving scars that only add character and make for good stories. All that matters is that they keep growing, evolving. Trees want to live! ��

Once complete, it was clear this special tree needed a fitting environment to support its mystique. What better symbolizes this kind of deep reflection than a park bench, a lamp post (yes, the lamp post works) and “a path”. The piece comes together to illustrate a slice of happiness, represented as a place with both a beginning and an end. Treescape comes with a custom-made “root” stand, or it can sit on a table using built-in footers.
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