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Our 32nd Annual Lobster Fest is June 12th
1.5#, 3#, 5# Maine Lobsters. William Nesmith Performing Live.
Reservations Required. Secure your spot by calling us at (919) 846-9846.


We are blessed to live in such a wonderful place; a community of people that care for and support others. Friends, family and friends that we have not met yet, will gather on October 21, 2016 from 8 pm – 1 am, at Margaux’s Restaurant, 8111-111 Creedmoor Rd, Raleigh, NC for an evening of music with the band, “Funk Sandwich”, (band starts at 10 pm) to raise funds to help a loving, special family in need.
On July 17, 2016, 19 year old, Ryley Hopper suffered a life-changing spinal cord injury in a terrible swimming pool accident. He dove into a pool head first not realizing the depth was only five feet and burst his C6 vertebrae, becoming immediately paralyzed from the chest down. He is currently undergoing intensive inpatient rehabilitation at the world-renowned spinal cord injury hospital, the Shepherd Center, in Atlanta, GA and hopes to return back to Raleigh in the weeks/months to come.
Recovering from a spinal cord injury is not easy; it takes strong commitment, patience, and financial resources. Even with health insurance, there are so many expenses to consider; including accessible transportation, access to specialized therapies/technologies, home modifications, durable medical equipment, medical supplies and caregiver expenses.
The monies raised from the October 21st event will be used to help the Hoppers acquire a specially equipped vehicle, “ARide4Ry”, to allow transport of Ryley to doctors’ appointments, physical & occupational therapy visits and general activities of a 19-year-old.
We are asking for YOUR help. Any donation or contribution is welcome, whether in dollars, goods, services or expertise. Our evening will consist of a silent auction and raffle. Any donations made are not tax deductible, however, please know that each donation, whatever the amount, will make a huge difference in helping Ryley and the Hoppers adjust to their new normal.
While such a tragedy could cause one to become withdrawn and hopeless, Ryley and his family have become an inspiration to so many. While dealing with their own issues, they are positively influencing and helping others with Spinal Cord Injuries, and touching so many lives with their faith and positive outlook.

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