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Wandering Eyes Welcome

Whether you’re single, in a relationship or “its complicated,” wandering eyes always find something fresh to fall in love with at Margaux’s!  Every where you look, something new is just waiting to catch your gaze.  In fact, we like to think that our restaurant doubles as an art gallery, featuring a rotating display of work that changes every three months and supports talented local artists.  You can really feel the energy surrounding you as the art speaks to you along with the artistry on your plates.  Some of the faves we’ve featured over the years are works by Darius Quarles, Ana Vizcarra, Jason Craighead, Clark Hipolito, Anna Podris & Keith Norval.  All of these Artisan’s wares are filled with tremendous color schemes and vibrant story telling.  Come by for our “Martini of the Moment” and check out the whimsical encaustic creations, all are for sale , and all proceeds go directly to the artists. 

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