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Looking for the Best Steakhouse in Raleigh? Go to Margaux’s.

Fine Dining Steakhouse Raleigh NC

When a friend asks you which restaurant serves the best steak in Raleigh, do you have a standard response, or do you tend to tailor your answer based on who’s asking the question?

Margaux’s in Raleigh is a rare gem that you can confidently recommend to all of your friends and relatives: It’s a locally owned restaurant that’s ideal for every occasion, whether you’re trying to impress a first date or just hoping to enjoy a family meal without your mom asking the proprietor to turn down the music. If you’re looking for a fine-dining steakhouse in Raleigh that will delight everyone from your gluten-free cousin to your meat-and-potatoes father-in-law, Margaux’s is the place for you.

What Makes Margaux’s the Best Fine Dining Steakhouse Raleigh

  1. Fresh, Tender Cuts of Meat

At Margaux’s, we partner with farmers, ranchers, hunters, and other small businesses to source high-quality, sustainable meat for each dish on our menu. Whether you order our Grilled Filet of Beef, Grilled Pork Chop, or more exotic meat like our Winter-Spiced Elk, we guarantee that you’ll relish the texture, marbling, and flavor in every bite.

  1. Diverse Menu

Chef Andrew Pettifer and his team of chefs change Margaux’s menu daily to highlight the freshest seasonal staples from our local suppliers. Each night’s carefully curated menu includes options for vegetarians, pescatarians, gluten-free diners, and meat lovers, so regardless of any individual dietary restrictions, everyone in your family will rave about the food at Margaux’s.

  1. Eclectic, Welcoming Atmosphere

Southerners are famous for our soul-soothing food and heartwarming hospitality, and Margaux’s serves both in spades. You’ll want to come on in and sit a spell once you experience Margaux’s unique ambiance, which blends all the best parts of a high-energy metropolis with Soulful Southern Hospitality.

The atmosphere at Margaux’s is upscale but not elitist, so it’s the perfect place for bringing people together for family gatherings, celebrations, and special events. Even if the refined side of your family is accustomed to strict dress codes when they dine out and the other side frequents steakhouses where they throw peanut shells on the floor, you can rest assured that they’ll all enjoy a meal at Margaux’s.

  1. Unique Libations + Extensive Wine List

Biting into a tender, juicy steak is one of the simple pleasures of life; following that bite with a sip of perfectly paired wine is one of the next-level pleasures that you can experience at Margaux’s. Our extensive wine list includes a curated selection of wines; if you’re not sure which wine will best complement your meal, your server will be happy to recommend a few options.

If you prefer a mixed drink with dinner, our libations’ menu offers mouthwatering options like our Elderflowertini, which blends Tanqueray Gin, St. Germain Liqueur, a splash of grapefruit juice, and Prosecco into a refreshing and uplifting cocktail.

  1. Friendly, Attentive Servers

Our servers are passionate about serving flavorful food to good people, and it shows. Some of our servers have been Margaux’s regulars since childhood—they grew up eating family dinners and celebrating special occasions at Margaux’s, and now they’re part of the team that will make your family dinner memorable and enjoyable.

Now, the next time someone asks you where they can get the best fine dining steakhouse Raleigh, you can answer with confidence: Margaux’s fine dining steakhouse is the place to go.

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