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Impress Your Guests at Raleigh’s Premier Group Dining Restaurant

Best Raleigh Restaurant for Groups

If you’ve been scouring the internet searching for the best Raleigh restaurant for groups, look no further. Whether you’re planning a family reunion, graduation party, rehearsal dinner, or weeknight dinner with friends, you’re looking for a place with a welcoming atmosphere, ample seating, and a delicious, diverse menu that will please everyone on your guest list. Actually, let’s be honest—you don’t just want to please your guests—you want to impress each person in your group, so you want to find a delicious upscale restaurant that reflects your impeccable taste and style.

If you want to host a special event or group dinner that your loved ones will reminisce about (and be trying to top) for years to come, make reservations at Margaux’s in Raleigh. Below, we summarized three reasons why Margaux’s is the best Raleigh restaurant for groups:

1. It’s unique to Raleigh

Margaux’s feels like a microcosm of Raleigh in many ways, so it’s no wonder that Margaux’s is a local (and locally owned!) favorite for date nights, family dinners, and special events. From the moment you arrive, everyone in your party will feel the warm embrace of Margaux’s unique atmosphere, which blends soul-soothing Southern Hospitality with the vivacious energy of your favorite metropolis. That soulful, upbeat energy is infused into every part of your night at Margaux’s: The menu weaves Southern and international influences together in mouth-watering dishes that might rival your grandma’s Sunday supper as your new favorite meal, but don’t worry, we won’t tell her.

2. Private dining and semi-private dining areas for groups

Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner party for your closest friends or a celebration with everyone you know, Margaux’s has the ideal space for your group.

  • Margaux’s Private Dining Room for Large Groups (up to 45 people) Share a three-course prix-fixe meal with up to 45 guests in Margaux’s elegant Bordeaux Room, a self-contained private dining area that includes a dedicated kitchen and bar as well as a private lavatory.
  • Margaux’s Entire Restaurant (up to 275 people) Margaux’s is closed on Sundays, so you can rent the entire restaurant for your special event. With access to Margaux’s main dining room, the self-contained private Bordeaux Room, the semi-private Rotisserie Room, and the outdoor patio, you and your guests will have plenty of space to party.
  • Margaux’s Semi-Private Dining Area (12 to 18 people) Margaux’s Rotisserie Room is a semi-private dining area for smaller groups who want to enjoy an intimate group dining experience within the main restaurant.

3. Custom prix-fixe menu

When you make reservations for a group dinner in our private dining room or semi-private dining room, Margaux’s chefs start working on a custom prix-fixe menu that features a selection of fresh, seasonal meats and produce from local suppliers. The diverse three-course menu will include dishes to please every palate, with carnivorous options like seared Filet of Beef along with pescatarian selections like Grilled Yellowfin Tuna and vegetarian dishes like Glazed Spring Vegetables with Rice Noodles. Even your pickiest guests will be delighted as they peruse their options for each course, so you don’t have to worry about anyone leaving hungry.

Margaux’s is an ideal place to bring your loved ones together to share a night of food, drinks, and joy that could only take place in Raleigh. Whether you’re hosting a group dinner for out-of-town guests or for a bunch of Raleigh natives, host your next event at Margaux’s if you genuinely want to dazzle everyone at your party.

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