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The Best Steakhouses in Raleigh NC Serve More Than Just Steak

Steakhouses Raleigh NC

Of course, you’d expect the best steakhouses in Raleigh to offer thick, sizzling, tender cuts of beef, but did you know that you can still enjoy an elegant meal at one of Raleigh’s best steakhouses if you’re craving a leaner meat like chicken or seafood or trying to incorporate Meatless Mondays into your diet?

Raleigh’s best steakhouses offer something for everyone, so you can make reservations for a group dinner with complete confidence that everyone at the table will find something on the menu that delights them.

Margaux’s Steakhouse in Raleigh Features Fresh, Local Flavors

At Margaux’s Restaurant in Raleigh, our chefs strive to delight your taste buds with each bite, whether you order our hefty 16-ounce Porterhouse steak or our Maccheroncini di Campofilone (fresh pasta) with marinated tomatoes and parmesan. Our chefs change the dinner menu daily to highlight the freshest meat and produce from our local suppliers, so you just might discover a new favorite every time you visit. One of the truly great things about Margaux’s diverse menu is that no matter what you’re in the mood for when you arrive, Margaux’s will have a dish that satisfies your craving.

Margaux’s Steakhouse in Raleigh Serves Three-Course Meals

At Margaux’s, we take pride in the fusion of flavors we serve each night, and we even offer a three-course prix-fixe menu for diners who can’t quite decide between the tantalizing options on the menu.

We offer our three-course prix-fixe menu every evening from Monday through Saturday (we’re closed on Sundays), and we even offer early-byrd specials if you want to enjoy a three-course meal at a reduced price. Check our specials page to confirm which days and times we’re currently offering early-byrd deals.

Margaux’s Three-Course Menu Preview 

If you’re not quite sure what a three-course prix-fixe dinner might include, here’s what we selected from a recent prix-fixe menu:

First course—Beef and cilantro empanadas with pico;

Second course—Seared scallops with Thai sesame-sauce broccoli and sticky rice; and

Third course—Chocolate layer cake with cookie butter icing.

Of course, this example menu reflects our personal preferences; your choices from that night’s prix fixe menu might be completely different since Margaux’s prix- fixe menu gives you five to seven options for each course. It’s hard to choose just one option when you’re trying to decide between first course choices like beef skewers with horseradish sauce and mushroom spanakopita, but you can take comfort in knowing that whatever you choose, it will be delicious.

Margaux’s Pairs Great Food with Great Drinks

As one of the best steakhouses in Raleigh, Margaux’s libations menu features a tantalizing selection of wines, beers, and mixed drinks. If you’re not sure what kind of wine will best complement your meal, just ask one of our friendly servers to recommend a good pairing for you.

Margaux’s Menu May Tempt Your Taste Buds

Even if you study the menu ahead of time and think you know what you’ll order for dinner at Margaux’s, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll change your mind the moment you walk in the door. Perhaps you’ll abandon your plan to order the grouper when you smell a juicy steak sizzling on the grill, or maybe you’ll forego your plan for steak when you catch sight of a woman relishing her blackened salmon at another table. In fact, Margaux’s ability to inspire people to stray from the plan and try new things is probably one of the reasons that Margaux’s is consistently mentioned as one of Raleigh’s best restaurants.

Make Reservations Today at One of Raleigh’s Best Local Steakhouses

Go ahead and make dinner reservations in advance if you want to enjoy a delicious, upscale meal while supporting one of Raleigh’s best local steakhouses.

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