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The Secret Recipe for Delightful Group Dining? A Prix Fixe Menu

Have you ever attended a group dinner at a restaurant where everyone received their meals at the same time and every aspect of the evening was perfect? If so, then you’ve probably already experienced the magic of a prix fixe menu when dining with a group at one of Raleigh’s best restaurants. If you’ve yet to experience this particular magic, then we’re here to tell you why a prix fixe menu is the key ingredient for a phenomenal group dinner.

What is a prix fixe menu?

Prix fixe (pronounced pre-fix) is French for “fixed price,” so you may be tempted to define a prix fixe menu as a fixed price menu, but in reality, it is so much more. At an upscale restaurant like Margaux’s in Raleigh, the prix fixe menu includes three courses: first course, main course, and dessert. The menu features multiple options for each course, so you can choose the dish that speaks to you for each course.

Common misconceptions about group dining with a prix fixe menu

Prix fixe menus are increasingly common for group dining in Raleigh, but keep in mind that some people in your dining party might be unfamiliar with the term. To make sure that everyone in your party knows what to expect with a prix fixe menu, go ahead and clarify these common misconceptions:

  • Everyone in your group does not have to order the same thing. While a prix fixe menu features a limited, curated selection compared to the restaurant’s standard menu, the chefs provide at least three options for each course, so your guests can choose according to their personal tastes. Experienced chefs know how to plan a prix fixe menu with a variety of choices that will appeal to everyone in your group.
  • It’s not a family-style meal. If your mom grimaces when you mention a prix fixe menu for your upcoming group dinner, she probably thinks you’re talking about a family-style meal where everyone at the table shares a few large dishes. Don’t worry, when you dine with a group at an upscale Raleigh restaurant like Margaux’s, you won’t have to share a single bite of your first course, main course, or dessert.

Why a prix fixe menu is ideal for group dining

To truly understand the benefits of a prix fixe menu when dining with a group, consider what other diners love most about group dining with a customized prix fixe menu:

  • You get to choose from the chef’s best—and freshest—offerings. When you dine with a group at Margaux’s, chefs create a custom three-course prix fixe menu just for you, and each dish highlights the freshest seasonal produce and meats from local suppliers. Chefs tend to feature special items and their most beloved dishes on prix fixe menus, so you can order with confidence knowing that you and your dining companions are in for a treat.
  • Everyone will get their food at the same time. When chefs design your prix fixe menu, they’ll create dishes with similar cooking times for each course. That way, everyone’s food will be ready at the same time, and you won’t have to worry about one person ordering a labor-intensive dish that requires an extra 30 minutes.
  • Everyone in your group can order a different combination of dishes. We don’t need to get into complex math here, but there are a lot of possible combinations when your group orders from a prix fixe menu. Since a prix fixe menu gives you the flexibility to choose your first course, main course, and dessert separately, your selection for one course does not affect your selection for your other courses. You might choose the grilled filet as your main course, with cauliflower soup as your first course and key lime pie for dessert, while your sister chooses the grilled filet with Caesar salad and dark chocolate mousse.
  • You won’t feel overwhelmed by too many choices. Most of us experience decision fatigue from the never-ending choices we face throughout the day, so it’s incredibly refreshing to encounter a curated menu with a few featured dishes. It’s even more liberating when you realize that there are no wrong choices because every dish on the menu is guaranteed to be delicious.
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